Crispy Tofu With Peanut Sauce

Crispy Tofu With Peanut Sauce


Today we are going to make crispy tofu, with peanut dipping sauce. It’s 100% vegetarian. It’s a great snack or appetizer. The tofu is healthy and a lot of protein. The peanut sauce is a bit sweet and sour. It’s gonna taste amazing. OK let’s cook. We start with dipping sauce first. Liquid tamarind, 2 tablespoons. Palm sugar, 1 tablespoon and half, or 2 tablespoons.

This is a secret, so if you use white sugar or brown sugar the taste is not the same. So we use palm sugar, it’s better. Just throw inside. Oh, a bit sticky. Crushed peanut, about 1 tablespoon. Coriander, just a little bit. If you don’t like coriander you don’t need to put it in. OK, so now we just mix everything. And this is crushed chili and salt. So now we just stir and mix everything. We have to do it until everything is mixed well.

Ok now, finished. So now we are gonna cook the tofu. Cornflour, 2 tablespoons. Crispy flour or tempura flour, 1 tablespoon. Salt, half a teaspoon, and pepper powder, half a teaspoon. And water, just normal water, 5 tablespoons. So now we mix. So this one can make tofu more crispy. OK, now I’m gonna chop the tofu. We use about 2 pieces of tofu. So this tofu is a bit hard, not a soft one. So I’m gonna chop like this. Then like this again, and then like this again. So looks shape like a knife and not break easily. So we throw in the bowl.

And the other one. So when I make one time, like this, can eat like one or two-person. Now we throw-in. And then we mix. Now we are gonna deep fry in the wok. I use soy oil, you can use any oil, donated to be the same. So about half a bottle or about 2 cups. Have to wait until the oil is hot. Tofu, if you don’t have a yellow color like this, you can use white tofu. But have to be a little bit hard not too soft. So I’m gonna test, oil is hot or not. So just throw a little bit of the flour inside. I like this it’s still not hot yet. Ah, so now oil starts to get hot already.

So I just throw the tofu, all inside. But separate, not like same time all of this. Just do like this. We have to deep fry until a little bit golden. Try to separate. Not make tofu like together. Just Separate. Then we can turn the other side too. So how long time to cook this? I cannot say like 5 minutes, 10 minutes, because everywhere gas or electric is not the same. So just look at the color.

When you see tofu is a little bit crispy, we just throw some flour, mixed flour before inside. Just like this. To make it more crispy outside. So now I’m gonna separate again. Try to move all the time. Then tofu more crispy. This is good for snacks or if some kid doesn’t like tofu, but this one is gonna be crispy and kids will love it. And dipping sauce sweet and sour. I want you to try. Wow, look at that color. Golden and crispy.

Now it’s ready, we just put it inside this one. It’s gold and nice color and crispy. Wow, just leave the oil a little bit and then, we throw it on the plate. I will try this. Ummm. Umm, you can Sense the Taste. Umm. So good.

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