Hello. You’re welcome to The steps to shops. We are making EWA AGOYIN in this article. While this meal is popular street food in Nigeria 🇳🇬, its true origin is from the Agoyin people of Benin Republic and Togo. The ingredients will be listed in the description box as usual. I used fresh bell peppers instead of dried ones.   If you follow this recipe, you’ll get the exact same taste regardless. These are all the hot peppers I’ll be using for this stew.

You can adjust according to your heat preference. We’ll go on to soak the dried peppers in hot water for about 30 minutes. In the meantime, clean your honey beans and start cooking in hot water and chopped onions. Since we’re using fresh bell peppers, we have to chop them to the tiniest bits separately. I have strained the liquid from the pulp. You can save the liquid in your freezer and use it when next to blend peppers.


The beans are soft now. It’s time to add salt to taste. Let the beans continue to cook until it’s extremely soft. Make sure the beans still have some moisture when it’s done cooking because it dries as it cools. It’s time to blend the peppers we soaked. Blend the hot peppers with half of one sweet onion. We would have blended all the peppers at once if I had used dried bell peppers. Crush this into a smooth paste.

Thin palm oil in a pan or pot on medium heat. Fry the sliced onions till they turn brown. Adding ground crayfish is optional. Add the chopped onions. Add the crushed bell peppers and stir in. Add the hot peppers and onion paste. You have to stir the stew every few minutes in order to avoid burning. We are going to cook this stew till it turns dark and gritty. And, we will do this while making sure it doesn’t burn.

Burning EWA AGOYIN stew will adversely affect its delicious robustness. When your stew is dark and gritty enough, you can add salt and seasoning to taste and keep stirring. EWA AGOYIN stew is ready! You can enjoy this EWA AGOYIN meal with bread, fried plantains, yams, and garri.

Whichever companion or helper you choose to go with, you’ll most likely enjoy every bite.

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