How To Load Music On Garmin Watches

How To Load Music On Garmin Watches

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Hi, today I’m going to show you how to put music on your Garmin watch. First of all, let it be clear that not all watches, not all devices support this feature of music playback. First of all, they must have enough storage space for this and they must come from the factory with a music player software, practically a music player application.

To know which devices it supports, the rule is usually that Garmin names the device, for example, Garmin Venu SQ Music, and the word music, or there are a few exceptions such as Fenix ​​6, which Fenix ​​6 pro plays music 6 normally, no. But to be clear, he will put here the list that is updated on the Garmin website at the moment with all the clocks that support music. To be clear from the beginning today I will show you two ways to put music on your Garmin watch.

How To Find

First of all using Spotify, because I’m a Spotify subscriber, and that’s what I have on hand. Besides Spotify with the same process, you will probably be able to put through other services, such as Deezer and Amazon Music and the other would be to put directly from computer music, podcasts, and audiobooks in MP3 format directly on the watch. For this, what you need first of all is your watch, you need its charging cable, I don’t know if it fits in the frame, and you need a computer with a USB port so that you can of course connect the cable and implicitly the watch to the cable.

So let’s do a trick and enter the virtual world. The first thing we need to do is download the Garmin Express application. In this case, I have a poppy, so I will look for the Garmin Express application for Mac. Download for Mac. Allow He’ll be right back. And we have to install. If you don’t know what it is, the Garmin Express application, in a nutshell, is an application to manage your Garmin devices. Through it you can add music, what we face, you can update software, with them you can update maps and so on.


We still need it to effectively transfer music from PC to watch. Install Garmin Express. Follow the installation process, depending on the platform you use Next, next, next, and that’s it. Let’s open it and correct the cable clock, and the Express, Get Started. We have to log in with, or we don’t have to log in. We found a device Add this device to Express now. Fenix ​​6 Pro, which is my watch. If you’ve done this before and you have, you can jump straight to the main screen we’re on now, you won’t have to add the device. If this is the first time you’ve run this connected device or the first time you’ve run this computer, you’ll probably go through the same steps.

You must log in with your Garmin account. Of course, I don’t know him. If you want to set certain settings for your device, in your case if you want to give it a nickname or change the language, there is no need to change it here. Wi-Fi is already connected and the network is connected directly to the watch. And it was finished installing as you can see, the first thing appeared to me that I have map updates available, yes I know I have to do them, only it takes eight hours and I didn’t have much time and I took care of it.

Complete Transfer

It’s not what interests us now, let’s go to Music, where on the left we see the iTunes column, the top and the bottom we have on Fenix ​​6 Pro, which is on the clock. We don’t have anything on the clock at the moment, but in my bookstore, if we look, we have “unknown 5 songs”. The process is super simple from this point if we go to the songs and see some MP3s downloaded directly from youtube. Let’s check them, and simply activate the Send to Device button that we press now and it will start, the computer, to send the music to the watch. Complete transfer, and if we look in the column below now you see that we have five songs on the clock.

The same thing would have happened if I had podcasts or audiobooks and sent them, just as hard, just as they installed so on. The only thing, if you are on Windows, use a Windows PC. You will not see here on the left where we had iTunes Library, you will have an add button here, a plus. Plus add the music you later want to select, send it to the watch. And let’s check that everything is OK now. Hold down the settings menu and scroll down to the music. Music Providers, My Music, headphones, let’s give Connect Later that we don’t have any pair of headphones tied to the watch, and that’s it.

Music Providers

You can see that the transferred music is here on the device. Now if I hold down the left key, in my case at F6Pro where the music shortcut takes me directly here. You see, he took me to Connect Now or Connect Later again. I no longer have to go through the entire settings menu to get to the music. And as I said part 2 is about configuring Spotify. So let’s keep pressing the Menu, let’s go-to music. Music providers and we go up, Spotify.

Now I’m going to be notified that registration for the Garmin Connect application must continue. Now that we’ve logged in, we’re going to settings, music. And we see that Music Providers Spotify took us directly into it. If we press BACK and hold down the music shortcut, bottom left on Fenix, directly in Spotify, even if at the moment we also have music added on the watch, it takes you directly to Spotify, because you can have only one music provider in the same time.


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