Why choose America to travel

Why choose America to travel

A question raised that why I left the list of 196 countries and prefer America among them. It’s not possible to have a trip to several countries at one time so you have to left many of them and choose one among them. Now after this article I hope that if you making the mind to explore some new places you assume America in your mind. I will set some important facts about America that why you choose to travel to America in this article. So let’s take the start

Giant of States:

America with almost 50 states make it rear and give the chance to explore it in America you can explore 50 states if you don’t like one state try to move another if another not try to move other so that the chance of tired from travel is almost impossible. If you want the snowy region travel to America if you want sunbath travel to America if you want the landscape to travel to America if you want to see autumn travel to America if you want to see the tremendous flowers farm travel to America if you want to feel the spring, then travel to America, in short, it is the bunch of states with the variety of odors.

Different types of animals to see:

In America you might get the chance to see the rarest animals of America it’s possible that during your trip you find Florida’s black panther one of the rarest animals it also is possible you would see the white-tailed deer which are so cute and anyone who saw white-tailed deer assume to be lucky because these are also the rare and you can find them in Florida. Even more, there are also many others such as Louisiana black bear, mountain caribou. Peary caribou and many others.


If you decide to trip to America, then you need hotels and for this purpose, America gives you the top restaurant’s where you can taker almost every type of food. It doesn’t matter where you are you are free to choose your local food there or to choose American dishes. It’s very facilitating to the tourists there is also some restaurant where this is not possible then they offer to provide you the food of your desire from the outside shop. You can get your luxurious rooms with all the facilities you want. you can get breakfast and dinner on time. You can get the map from hotels and also get a taxi to travel to your desire place hotel can also give you a transport facility so your traveling problem can also be solved by your restaurant.


If you are a lover of museums, then the trip to America is very good for you. You can see the metropolitan museum of art in New York where you can enjoy many exhibitions about your desires there is also the art institute of Chicago you may visit. you also visit the 9/11 museum there you also visit the national art gallery of Washington and there are many more museums that you can visit.

Language issue:

The most amazing thing is that the American’s speak English which is also the international language so if you travel to America then the language will not be more hazardous in your way. The first and the most issue is solved in this way so it’s also safe for your money in that way you don’t need to get a translator over America if you know English.

The hospitality of Americans:

If you want to travel to America, then don’t getting late and not worried about the peoples there because they all are very frank to tourist they all are very hospitalize and love to mix with the peoples of different cultures they are very kind-hearted and love to welcome tourist in their country even if you have not money to book a hotel and you asked them they welcome you with the happy face in their home. that’s my experience when I visited America this sort of unusual situation also I faced but that’s was also the test of the hospitality of American’s and they passed it with the great numbers.

Cowboy culture:

If you are one of the travelers that love cowboy culture then America is great and you can visit Texas, Florida, California, Washington, Utah, Kansas, Colorado, and Wyoming for cowboys culture you can see and enjoy them you can also get the company of cowboys restaurant by the use old cowboys traditional food and also take the look at modern America with the old tradition.

Shopping problem:

America also gives you the shopping chances if you want to buy something for your relatives then Americans malls is one of the greaten of all the time you can get everything thing from needle to bed over there are a lot of gigantic malls which provide you the attractive service you can buy from there the most expensive and cheap perfumes because these perfumes maintain their position in the world you can get the good clothes from there. You can get the world-class plastic material from them you can get crockery from there in short you can get every requirement of your life.


the most important factor on which you shortlisted the list of countries is safety. The most important is the safety of you and your’s family. America the superpower is a very safe country for tourists can safely traveling there without the tension of their life. Every man in the world gives importance to his life and when this problem solves then nothing factor can affect your trip after that you automatically set America on the top of the list.


If you want to travel to a country in which you can free to breathe in the landscapes, then travel to America if you don’t compromise on your security then travel to America. if you want that you need superior hotels for your trips then I prefer you America if you want your trip with animals then gain travel to America in short if you want that your trip to becomes a memorial for you then attempt America one time at least.

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